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Edwards Family Lawyers is committed to providing expert advice on all areas of Family Law following the breakdown of your marriage or de facto relationship, including same-sex relationships.

Mediation Services

Edwards Family Lawyers offer Mediation Services to assist parties to engage in effective dispute resolution. Our Principal, Frances Edwards, has extensive experience in negotiating settlements in both parenting and property matters, and is a National Accredited Mediator and member of LEADR and IAMA.

Frances Edwards encourages parties to engage in the process of mediation, which is a cost effective process of negotiation and dispute resolution. Her wealth of experience as a Family Lawyer and as an Accredited Specialist in Family Law for over 20 years has enabled her to develop strong skills to assist parties to achieve a negotiated settlement.

Frances Edwards’ knowledge of all aspects of Family Law enables her to skillfully guide parties in their attempt to achieve a resolution of their issues. Frances Edwards is able to offer mediation services to parties prior to or after proceedings have been commenced in the Family Law Courts.



Family Law Mediation is an effective tool for parties to reach a resolution of all issues without the need to resort to litigation. It can also assist parties who have commenced proceedings, but wish to resolve their matter without incurring the significant costs of proceeding all the way to a final court hearing.

Mediation also assists to provide parties with effective communication tools which can often assist separated parents in dealing with the many day to day parenting issues often faced by separated couples.

Family Law Mediation provides a quicker and significantly more economical method for resolving, or at the very least narrowing the issues, between the parties.

As the mediator, Frances Edwards acts as an independent and neutral facilitator. As a mediator, she cannot take sides or make any decisions on behalf of the parties. In her role as mediator, Frances Edwards uses the evaluative model for mediation. This means that whilst Frances Edwards has the scope to introduce her view to clarify the application of a legal principle, she is unable to provide independent legal advice to either party, either before or during the mediation. In most cases, it is preferable for each party to seek their own independent legal advice before engaging in mediation. Parties can attend mediation with or without their lawyers present.



Frances Edwards will conduct a pre-mediation meeting with each party and/or their lawyer. After the pre-mediation meeting, Frances Edwards will have a greater understanding of the issues between the parties and be in a position to assist the parties to prepare for a joint mediation, if it is deemed suitable. Often, the parties will be asked to collate certain documents and information to be provided to Frances prior to the joint mediation session.

If Frances Edwards believes a mediation is appropriate, a date and venue will be set. Depending on the type of dispute, the mediation will be allocated a half or whole day.

Mediations can either be conducted with the parties alone, or with their lawyers present. During the mediation, the parties will be asked to identify and discuss all the relevant issues, and any further issues that may arise throughout the course of the mediation. Frances Edwards will facilitate the parties to reach a negotiated resolution of all issues.



As far as is permitted by law, everything said in preparation for and during the course of the mediation, is confidential. The participating parties will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement. Confidentiality assists the process of dispute resolution as it enables the parties to voice all of their concerns with confidence and, in doing so, increases the chance of reaching a negotiated settlement. A confidential mediation provides an open forum which enables parties to work together and to openly explore options for resolution.


Edwards Family Lawyers is located in the North Sydney CBD. We have the facilities to conduct mediations, including a conference room where the joint sessions take place, and individual rooms for each party and their lawyer, or support person. Alternatively, the mediation may take place at another agreed venue, if more suitable to the parties.

If you would like to book a mediation or make more enquires please telephone our office on (02) 8920 3422 or email Frances at

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