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Negotiation and Resolution

Our Aim

Opportunities for negotiation and settlement exist not only before proceedings are commenced, but also after proceedings have been commenced and right up until the time that the Court finally hears and determines the matter. Parties can settle a matter at any time. At every step, Edwards Family Lawyers will strive to negotiate and resolve your dispute, even in circumstances where Court proceedings have commenced. Our aim is to avoid litigation and obtain an outcome that you are satisfied with, so as to minimise the expense and emotional stress of proceeding to a Court hearing.

Methods of Negotiation

There are various ways in which our Family Lawyers  can assist in the negotiation and resolution process. Once we have advised our clients of their rights and obligations under the relevant legislation, we can then assist to resolve the issue(s) using a combination of methods, including:Mediation and Resolution - North Sydney Family Lawyers

  • Referral to mediation and other dispute resolution services
  • Engaging in settlement negotiations via written correspondence with the other party or their solicitor
  • Having discussions with the other party’s solicitor
  • Participating in a mediation or informal settlement conference

Sometimes parties are happy to try and directly negotiate with each other first. Edwards Family Lawyers can provide expert professional advice to ensure that our clients are equipped with all the knowledge to enable them to engage in effective and meaningful negotiations directly with their former spouse or partner. Whatever negotiation process is undertaken, we can offer specialist Family Law advice, guidance and representation.

Finalising Your Agreement

Once an agreement is reached, Edwards Family Lawyers will document the agreement in the most appropriate manner, whether by way of Consent Orders, Parenting Plans, Binding Financial Agreements, Deed of Release, Child Support Agreements, or a combination of these depending on the circumstances. Edwards Family Lawyers will also ensure, where appropriate, that the necessary steps are taken to lodge the final agreement with the Family Court or appropriate agency, to ensure that the agreement is binding on all parties.

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