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Edwards Family Lawyers is committed to providing expert advice on all areas of Family Law following the breakdown of your marriage or de facto relationship, including same-sex relationships.


The first consultation is often the most important meeting you will have at Edwards Family Lawyers. Our Principal and Accredited Family Law Specialist, Frances Edwards, endeavours to meet all clients during the first meeting, whether the meeting is with her alone, or with a member of our highly qualified team of lawyers.

Prior to the initial consultation Frances Edwards (or if she is not available, one of the lawyers at Edwards Family Lawyers) will have a discussion by telephone and inform the client of what they need to do to prepare for the North Sydney Family Lawyers initial consultation.

During our first consultation, our Family Lawyers confidently guide our clients through the Family Law process, with a view to providing clarity, knowledge and peace of mind about the process the client is about to embark upon. We understand that the breakdown of a relationship can be daunting and emotional, and sometimes financially complex, and we appreciate that our clients require practical guidance as to the best way to navigate through these issues. We endeavour to ensure that at the conclusion of our first consultation, our clients have a clear understanding of the Family Law process, and the steps ahead toward achieving resolution.

As part of our initial consultation, Frances Edwards or one of our Family Lawyers will obtain all the necessary information from our client to enable us to form an opinion as to their specific personal circumstances and requirements having regard to the relevant provisions of the Family Law Act 1975 and related legislation.

For clients requiring assistance in relation to a financial matter (property settlement, child support, spouse maintenance) we will take a detailed financial history of the relationship, including financial contributions and non-financial contributions such as homemaking and parenting contributions, made by each party to the relationship. We appreciate that our clients may not have all the details and information to hand during their first meeting, and we are happy to assist our clients to obtain that information to assist Edwards Family Lawyers to provide advice on the client’s rights and obligations under the Family Law Act 1975 and related legislation.

For clients requiring advice about parenting issues, we will obtain details in relation to the children’s care arrangements during the course of the relationship, as well as the current arrangements, and guide our clients through the various options available to achieving the best possible care arrangement for the future care of children based on our expertise and specialist knowledge in Family Law.

At the end of the first consultation, we provide our client’s with specialist advice on their rights and obligations under the Family Law Act 1975 and associated legislation. We also inform our clients of all the options available to them and recommend a course of action and strategy to assist them to achieve their desired outcome.

As we understand that our clients’ time is valuable, we recommend that our clients prepare a list of any questions or issues to be discussed during our first conference, as well as bringing with them any relevant documentation.

The Firm was founded by Frances Edwards, a Law Society of NSW Accredited Family Law Specialist with over 25 years’ experience in all aspects of Family Law matters. Frances and her Firm specialise exclusively in Family Law and related disputes.

Edwards Family Lawyers is committed to providing expert advice on all Family Law matters and to ensure that our clients understand their rights and obligations following the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship.

Our services extend to all areas including the North Shore, Sydney CBD, the Eastern Suburbs, Western Sydney and South Sydney.

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